Company Profile


Bishman and it’s associated data company, OSL data & communications Ltd (OSL), are privately owned limited liability companies, currently employing in excess of 100 staff with a combined annual turnover in excess of $25 million, operating profitably since the formation of the companies.


Our Business

company-profile-img.jpgBishman and OSL are long established stand alone companies and remain privately owned and Director managed organisations. The Directors for both companies recognise the advantages of specialising and focusing on their respective areas of large electrical construction and data & communications installation activities.

Both companies are proud to have built a solid reputation supporting construction, industrial and corporate entities that make up the company's client base utilizing the combined resources of project management and technical services, for all major commercial and industrial projects. Formulation of the company's ethic for excellence has been the foundation for being preferred electrical contractors for major installation works, often with parameters requiring a close operational involvement with the client and complex technical or operational solutions.

Our management and staff are committed to maintaining the reputation gained through quality of works and a first class management support team.

The Bishman / OSL alliance combines the best commercial construction, data & communications installation practices with the first class service support post construction for a total all round package. This allows the operation to bring together expertise for the provision of a team with exceptional capabilities where the installation / construction project requires diverse resources and the follow up works post project are of high importance to the client. 

capabilities & experience

Bishman & OSL have between them a 30 year proven track record of delivering Electrical Engineering, Installation and data & communication excellence to New Zealand businesses.

The current operational capabilities of Bishman / OSL are listed as follows:


•  Electrical

•  Electronic

•  Instrumentation

•  Protection / Safety Installations

•  Mobile plant

•  Industrial plant Installation

•  Commercial Installation Projects

•  Commercial Maintenance

•  Electrical Engineering Services

•  Lighting System Design and Installation

•  IQP Certification

•  Emergency Power & Lighting Systems

•  CAD Draughting

•  Thermographic Auditing


The Bishman Edge

The Bishman team is experienced in Commercial and Industrial contract administration, reporting, inspection, as well as project management of complex commercial and industrial contracts involving large numbers of diverse installations.